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Located in the beautiful Lancashire countryside Brierfield, which forms part of the Borough of Pendle, lies approximately 25 miles north of Manchester and is situated between the towns of Burnley and Nelson. It is a friendly, warm and welcoming town, full of character – and characters! The Leeds & Liverpool canal that winds its way through the town, played an important role in the cotton industry of Lancashire and Brierfield Mill which sits alongside it, produced woven cloth for over a hundred years, it also provided jobs for most of the local community. On Brierfield’s doorstep you will find breath-taking scenery and excellent walking countryside. A short drive brings you to the majestic Pendle Hill, famous for the legendary Pendle Witches.

Its proximity to open countryside, easy access to the M65 Motorway and excellent rail links to Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, makes commuting to and from Brierfield easy and has encouraged many professionals to leave the city for an improved lifestyle and a lower cost of living. Brierfield is home to a multi-cultural society and this is reflected in its small town centre which has many thriving businesses. At the heart of the town centre is the Cenotaph with the Community Centre and the Town Hall on either side.

In the last twenty years there has been an increase in the building of some very desirable executive housing. The older part of the town contains rows of terraced houses, built to accommodate the mill workers in the late 19th and early 20th century. As you approach the outer environs of Brierfield, these are replaced by houses ranging from small semi-detached to large expensive detached.