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Brierfield is a wonderful place to live and is continually moving forward to ensure the wellbeing of its community life

Christmas Lights

Brierfield Town Council manages the Christmas Lights festive decorations, which are displayed throughout the town. The lights were previously managed by Pendle Borough Council but due to other financial responsibilities Pendle Borough Council could no longer afford to manage the Christmas Lights. Therefore, the service was passed over to Brierfield Town Council to manage which they have done for a number of years.

If you would like to sponsor any of our Christmas Lights festive decorations, then please email us on

Floral displays

Summer and winter floral displays are the responsibility of the Town Council.

If you would like to sponsor any of our floral displays (baskets, planters etc) then please don’t hesitate to contact us on

MUGA’s and Play Areas

Brierfield Town Council has taken on the ownership and the management of 3 of the local play areas and 2 MUGA’s, Multi Use Games Areas. All of these are maintained by Pendle Council on our behalf.

3 playgrounds / play area’s:

  • Chatburn Park Drive
  • Massey Street
  • Sackville Street Playground

2 MUGA’s

  • Sackville Street
  • Taylor Street


Brierfield Town Council maintain the benches in the Town.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters in Brierfield are maintained by Lancashire County Council, except the one on Higher Reedley Road which is maintained by the Town Council.


Brierfield Town Council is responsible for the CCTV, which is operated by Blackburn and Darwen Borough council on our behalf