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  1. It is a prime objective of the Council to encourage local groups and, where considered appropriate, individuals to undertake work or projects which are considered to be for the benefit of the residents of Brierfield and in a manner commensurate with the expenditure.
  2. The Council will only give to activities specifically designed to benefit Brierfield and its residents.
  3. Grants will be considered to help towards:
    a) Capital cost or new or improved facilities or equipment;
    b) Providing a public service;
    c) Supporting a specific event;
    d) Improving the environment;
    e) Enhancing quality of life; or
    f) Creating employment opportunities.
  4. Applications will be considered by the Council. Each application will be considered on its own merits and will be considered with other applications at the meeting. To ensure as fair a distribution as possible, the Committee will take into account:
    a) The amount and frequency of other awards;
    b) The Ward or Wards which will benefit for the grant; and
    c) The amount of income and capital of the applicant.
  5. Applications are to be made on a form specified by the Brierfield Town Council.
  6. Applications will not be considered from:
    a) Organisations or individuals intending to support any particular political party or to discriminate on any grounds;
    b) Private businesses run for profit unless taking part in an event supported by the Council;
    c) Local groups whose fundraising is sent to their central headquarters for redistribution.
  7. Applications will not be considered for:
    a) Activities that are part of a statutory duty;
    b) Loan repayments;
    c) The funding of an activity or project retrospectively; or
    d) Projects by an individual where the work has no benefit to the community.
  8. Ongoing commitments to fund future years will not be made. A fresh application will be required each year.
  9. Organisations applying for a grant must have a constitution, a managing Committee and a bank account with at least two signatories; and details must be supplied with the application.​
  10. The Council may request further information including details of the membership, location of the organisation, the age range of the membership, the nature and activities of the organisation, full details of how the grant will be applied and the source of other funding.
  11. When considering an application for a grant, the Council considers that it requires additional information or documentation, it may refer its decision to the next meeting of the Committee, but if that information or documentation is not available at that subsequent meeting, the application will be rejected. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to attend the meeting at which the application will be considered.
  12. The Council will expect applicants to use businesses trading in Brierfield (where possible) for the supply of goods and services and may give preference to those applicants who do so.
  13. Grants will be subject to the following conditions:
    a) Applicants will be required to supply on demand evidence of the expenditure to which a grant has been applied and the Council may demand a refund of the grant from the applicant or, in the case of an organisation, its Committee, if the grant is not used within a reasonable period of time or for the purpose for which it was made.
    b) Recognition of the grant from the Council must be made in any publicity.
    c) Within three months of the grant being awarded the applicant may be required to
    submit a feedback form detailing how the grant was used.
  14. Grants to individuals or private businesses will not be paid until evidence of the expenditure to which the grant will be applied has been produced to the Town Clerk.
  15. Only one grant will be considered for an organisation or individual in each Municipal year unless:
    a) There are exceptional circumstances, in respect of which the decision of the Committee shall be final; or
    b) The grant is for an individual event supported by the Council and the organisation or individual applying for the grant received a grant previously in respect of another event.
  16. The offer of any grant will be published in some form by the Brierfield Town Council.