Investments in Brierfield

Northlight (Brierfield Mills)

Brierfield mills, a textile factory for over a 100 years, closed down over 10 years ago. It is Grade 2 listed building.

Pendle Council with its partner PEARL have a vision to bring back this historic Grade 2 mill complex back to life and create an exciting mixed use destination in the North West.

A range of different uses for the site are planned to create a vibrant new working, living, leisure and cultural quarter. An Investment of £32M is planned to bring about a phased programme of work; £8.3M has been secured for far, further funding is being explored.

Burnley and Pendle Growth Corridor

A £12 Million programme to improve the M65 from Junction 6 at Whitebirk to junction 14 at Colne has been approved for 3 years from 2015-18. £8 million is from local growth fund; £4 million from LCC. The focus in Pendle is junction 12 and 13 and associated highway works to support employment/business growth. Plans are currently being drawn up.

Housing Market Renewal Programme

Brierfield had the benefit of being part of the former government funded Housing Market Renewal (HMR) Pathfinder initiative which came to an end in march 2011. During HMR inventive circa £24 million of HMR funding was invested in Briefiled

The HMR programme for Brierfield focused on major face-lifting group repair scheme to housing along the Clone Road gateway, a major property acquisition and clearance programme ( the Canal Corridor ) and site assembly and facilitation of new housing development (Quaker heights & Holden Rd. )

Empty Homes Cluster Funding

The Railway street neighborhood of Brierfield is one of the 4 Empty Homes ‘cluster Areas’ within the Borough, where £1.33 million of HCA Funding has been targeted.The Funding provides for loans to owners, as well as funds to deliver a range of public realm and environmental improvements.



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